Director Of Enterprise Architecture and Consulting

James V. Garner, CQA CSTE

Technical / Business Management Consultant


Mailing Address:

8852 Bridalsmith Drive

Sacramento, CA   95828

Home Phone: (916) 688-5303

Mobile Phone: (916) 203-0543

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B.S. Degree in Business Administration & Management

California Coast University

Santa Ana, CA.                                   

Other Courses and Training:

Over Sixty-three credited hours Manufacturing Engineering, Process Re-engineering, Facilities / Equipment Training in Operations Management, Lean Tools, including Six Sigma and JAD/RAD training.


Certified Professional, Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF)

Certified Federal Contract Management (CFC), Villanova University

Certified Quality Analyst (CQA), Quality Assurance Institute

Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE), Quality Assurance Institute

SEI/CMM CBA-IPI Assessors Certificate 

CAO/CTAC Lead Assessor Certification

ISO 9000 Lead Assessor with Perry Johnson, Inc.

Total Quality Management (TQM), American River College

ANSI/IEEE Certified 45.2.5, Nuclear Engineering

Certificate Quality Engineer, National University

SAIC Software/System Test Tools & Methods Certification

SAIC Software Engineering Certification 

SAIC Software Project Management Certification

SAIC Software Quality Assurance Certification

SAIC Software Requirements Management Certification


  • Offering over thirty-seven years of Manufacturing Engineering, Program Management, Strategic Supply Chain and Operations Management within several different types DOD Defense, Commercial Industries and manufacturing environments in weapons delivery systems, medical manufactures, state and local agencies, and commercial manufactures.  With an additional twenty years of experience in Quality Assurance Engineering/Analysis in Government DoD production and manufacturing facilities within the aircraft and space product development facilities, Air Force and Naval weapons systems and DoD Air Frame, Landing Gear, CNC Machining of complex part, CMM Measurement, C-Scan Ultrasonic Welding, Plasma Cutting, within companies, such as: Boeing, Aerojet General, Hughes, Vought, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, and others.
  • Over twenty years developing projects using Lean and Six Sigma, process improvement and assessment methodologies using methodologies, such as; SEI / CMM, version 1.1, SEI / CMMi, ISO/IEC 15504, 12207, 16949 and IEEE Standards; specifically specializing in DOD contracts analyzing software / system platforms, such as: UNIX, Sun Solaris, Windows, DOS, 95/98 NT/2009/XP.  Analytical expertise in software languages, such as: ADA, Cobal, FORTRAN, C, C++, Java, PL/SQL, and HTML. XML and Visual Basic.
  • Over fifteen years’ experience working with Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, such as: Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture Framework (DoDEAF), Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), TOGAF, Zachman and PEAF. Strong background working directly with CEO/CIO and other stakeholders in their efforts to transform their organization and deliver value.  Analyze technical solutions for enterprise impact, assess the architecture and deliver implementation projects. Technical and business advisor to key stakeholders and other IT and business personnel to strategically align projects and key initiatives with the departments architecture direction and vision. Evaluate project components for compliance and appropriateness of selected technologies, service usage or delivery, and business process for enterprise modernization and reengineering.
  • Highly proficient in Military and Industry Standards, such as; ISO9000:2008, ISO 16949, ISO 13485:2003, 22716, AS9100, GRESS/GRAMS, cGMP, FDA Title 21 CFR 11, 820, DSLAM, NAV-Star, NAV-Sea, ASTM, AME, DOD, SAE, , APICS, FAR and DFAR clauses and IEEE.
  • Expertise in using EA modeling/software test tools (Pega, Troux, Case Wise, SQA, SOAP, Load Runner, Mercury Interactive tools and Rational™ Clear Quest and Clear Case) during unit, integration and system testing/inspection/analysis of complex medical analysis equipment, aircraft avionics software/systems, data storage warehouse, weapons delivery systems, military logistics systems.
  • Highly experienced in Root cause analysis, 8D, A3, APQP, CAPA, Event Modeling, and Statistical Process Control (SPC), Lean Manufacturing, Six-Sigma, SAE-APQP, PPAP, PFMEA, DFMEA, Software/System Functional Analysis, Team Software Process (TSP), and Integrated Process Reviews (IPR’s).
  • Professional experience in Project Management Institute (PMI) Software Developmental life cycle management functions, i.e., Requirements Management, Configuration Management, Risk Management, and Software/Systems Application Development Life Cycles, Release Management, Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering,
  • Extensive contract and proposal generation based on the States multi-service awarded contract for Information Technology Software/System project, large state legacy software system projects, strategic/tactical software defense systems, and various commercial contracts.
  • Over thirty-five years of aerospace, defense, commercial business management, industry-wide consulting knowledge and practices, manufacturing and operations management, production capitol machine selection, layout, installation and implementation.  


Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc.:   April 2011 – Present.

Director of Enterprise Architecture Consulting;  Mr. Garner is one of the early founders of Elyon Strategies and is in charge of business development, client management and engagement consulting support. 

  • Developing and implementing strategic business plans for the SBU’s in Enterprise Architecture (EA), Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) and Enterprise Solutions Architecture (SOA) with the strategic thrust towards EA Frameworks and technology models.
  • Working as an account manager to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), the Washington Department of Revenue (DOR), Washington Department of Revenue and California Technology Agency (CTA).
  • Highly experienced developing strategic planning, EA governance, selecting EA tools, capturing EA requirements / risks, tracking enterprise debt and establishing strategic investment boards and leading technical committees.
  • Highly skilled in Business / Solutions Analysis, Event Modeling, Use Case Modeling, conducting Structured Walkthroughs, Presentation Skills in Storyboard, JAD / RAD Sessions, Requirements Management and Enterprise Architecture Training.
  • Extensive experience in providing technical training in SEI/CMMi, CBA/IPI, ISO/IEC 15504, ISO9000:2008, ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15504-2, ISO/IEC 16949 and others.

AAR Aerostructures and Interiors:   August 2012 – August 2013

Assigned as a contractor assigned as the Program Quality Manager. Designed and developed quality infrastructure within an airframe composite manufacturer.

Duties/Responsibilities: Trained and managed a staff of eight, one Quality Engineer, two technical programmer / operators and five inspection personnel. Conducted customer communications through design reviews (PDR/CDR), on-site visits, high-level management meetings, which includes:

  • Designed and developed facilities layout, machine selection and installation of CNC 5 axis turret composite / hard metal cutter, C-Scan Ultrasonic scanner, Zeiss CMM Portage machine, 10,000 Press, Rated A10,000 Clean Room,   
  • Developed major Supply Chain Management routes between material suppliers, vendors and other outside testing facilities. Managed the supply distribution to the customer through integrated transportation facilities. Planned and conducted supplier audits and surveillance of major supplier and rated their delivery performance.   
  • Conducted contract review of system designs and conducted requirements elicitation strategy meetings as a workshop. Implemented a customer communications strategy and planning session designed around Lean Manufacturing Principles. Orchestrated requirements management and Risk mitigation strategy that initially reduced the overall delivery costs. 
  • Implemented custom solutions to Lean and Six Sigma Manufacturing utilizing dashboards and statistical process control using various software tools. Customized the operational / functional layout of the facility and acquired qualification on special processes; such as; CNC machining, C-Scan, drilling, countersinking and painting of composites through NADCAP.  
  • Spearheaded the development of a strategic investment board designed to plan, implement and deliver strategic improvements throughout the organization. Retain the organizations ISO9000:2008, AS9100, AS9102 and NADCAP certifications and qualifications for carbon fiber lay-up, Autoclave curing, CNC machining, C-Scanning Ultrasonic inspection and mechanical / physical carbon and prepreg materials testing.  

ITW Rippey Corporation:  September 2011 – June 2012, Technical Consultant

Contracted as a Process / Systems Engineer for InFinity/ERP/CRM/SAP/SysPro/UniPoint Systems Administrator and Technical Consultant.  Performed application development and administrative enterprise alignment using various software ERP tools, administrative protocols, physical installed applications, built class models and integrated table designs to specifications.

  • Develop customized applications in SAP/SysPro/InFinity CRM/ERP software programs and data entry screens for manufacturing, finance, inventory, delivery, and development of several process QA models. Assigned as the system architect in an Enterprise Inventory Management System and Data Administrator.

Duties/Responsibilities: Designed and Developed Re-engineering strategies on product formulations. Assigned to map out the entire product development activity and re-introduce a redesign and development product line for the PVA Starch formulation batch processes.

  • Designed and developed machine selection and implementation plans, produced operational machine efficiency statistics, developed facility layout, capital purchase of selected machines and provided implemented ERP system efficiency studies and analysis.  
  • Provided batch collection testing of receipt samples, evaluation of tests, product compliance and evaluation screening per process standard. Provided test evaluation schema of new products, performed pilot batch testing and analysis, improved overall strategy on developed products. Performed batch chemical analysis per formulation checklist and process standards. 
  • Implemented best practices and industry standard to the development line of products. Introduce new processes, models and procedures utilizing ISO9000:2008, ISO17556, 14851, 14853, ASTM G21-90, along with FDA Title 21 and OSHA Guidelines.  
  • Provide detailed Six-Sigma process modeling using InFinityQS software solutions, designed SIPOC models, process flow-charting, and business rules and developed the Strategic Goal strategy sessions with key executives.   

JandC Solutions Management Consulting:   June 2000 – 2011, Managerial and Technical Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: JandC Solution Consulting developed a dynamic technical consultant experience by establishing the Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) at Intel in Folsom, CA. Training on SIE/CMMi in assessment profiles, such as: ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC15504 Spice, ISO/IEC16949, AS9100 by utilizing the CAB-IPI practice methodology was also provided.

  • Provided technical assessment profile training to executives, uses and other stakeholders. Established a forum for the development process assets, process artifacts utilizing the standard appraisal methods such as SCAMPI A-C, ASPICE and CORBIT.  
  • Working with the automotive industry leaders, such as: Parker Hannifin, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Chrysler and others developing governance and strategic initiatives utilizing the CMMi, IOS/IEC 15504-2, and Cobit.  
  • Presenting working models, charts and graphs that represent the overall assessment roadmap for development of process assets, procedures and developmental models. Introduced LEAN tools for effective used of developing an architecture that focuses on achieving results-driven assessments.    

Northern California Injection Molding (NCIM):   September 2006 – July 2009, Quality Assurance Manager

Duties/Responsibilities: Mr. Garner was assigned to develop an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) in a highly complexed plastics injection molding and CNC machining company that supports the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and medical industry. 

  • Developed machine efficiency studies, ERP system improvements, Lean and Six Sigma development, provided capital machine selection, developed and implemented process improvement studies.
  • Developed ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and ISO16949:2007 Quality Management System (QMS) for both a plastic manufacturer and the CNC machine shop. Implemented GD&T (ANSI Y14.5:2009) for surface plate using Mitutoyu Vision System 6v pro and trained two technical staff and seven in-process inspectors.
  • Trained and supervised a technical staff of one Process Engineer, one CMM technician, and ten inspectors in, audits / reviews, metrology practices, CMM operations and surface-plate inspection techniques, and process improvement techniques.
  • Established a coordinated testing / inspection session during mold testing of production parts. Initiated product design reviews of key characteristics of molded Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Lean Manufacturing, PFEMA, DFEMA and prepared PPAP documentation for delivery of completed products.

Meta Vista IT Consulting Services:   June 2003 – June 2005, Senior Project Management Consultant assigned to several IT technical projects.

Duties/Responsibilities: Assigned to review and analyze the existing data storage and architecture for virtual relocation.

  • Assigned to Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Roseville Cassie-Hill Data Center as a Software/Systems IT Consultant in the functional and business case analysis of software/systems data storage relocation and financial business-case analysis.
  • Performed extensive business systems analysis in IT software/system in a .net framework, functional system requirements analysis, data modeling, storage capabilities, systems storage capacity, system integration, developing business-case justification, cost benefit analysis, and strategic implementation strategy.
  • Provided the executive sponsors with a selection of multiple alternatives based on surveys from other organizations, findings for current practices and procedures, reviews and audits of key personnel, which will evolve into the detailed feasibility study report.   

Duties/Responsibilities:  Also assigned as a Quality Assurance Analyst to perform in depth business analysis and develop a feasibility study and comparative analysis of software distributed systems.

  • Assigned to California Department of Social Services (CDSS) as a Quality Analyst for the review of a Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) built by Electronic Data System (EDS) for a Global Solutions Management System for CDSS. The investigation was to compare the existing program contract requirements to the existing system and make our recommendations to CDSS.
  • Performed structured analysis of RDBMS of class database structures, reviewed financial reports/records, conducted reviews and audits of vendor storage files, procedures and database architecture.  Reviewed application software procedures, software plans and procedures, investigated developmental techniques and specific database objects and prepared written reports.
  • Analyzed EDS compliance to SEI-CMMi Key Process Areas (KPA’s), Project Management Processes, Engineering Build Practices, Investigated Software Engineering Processes, Configuration Management and developed a comparative feasibility report.

Tek Systems Consulting Group:  December 2002 – June 2003, Senior Project Management Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: Develop a Configuration and Change Asset Management function for large-scale software / systems data storage facility.

  • Assigned to WorldCom/Verizon Government Markets Contracts Group as a Senior Project Consultant for the development of an Asset /Configuration and Change Management system, which was designed to support the RUP/RemedyÔ Configuration Asset Management Tool Suite. Mr. Garner managed a team of twelve engineering and technical staff in an effort of analyzing size and storage capacity of a large Enterprise-wide Data Center.
    • Developed a project schedules to incorporate the refinement of the project system requirements collection activity, software / system asset requirements, integrated hardware / software system analysis, work flow assessment and design, process design of systems, tool mentoring, tool administration, and software/system migration. 

Booz×Allen & Hamilton Consulting Services:   February 2001 – November 2002, Software Quality Assurance Manager Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: Managed the Quality Assurance practices for the review of a State-wide software/systems platform for the collection, retrieval and distribution of Child Support Services for fifty eight counties.


  • Assigned to California Child Support Automation System (CCSAS) Project as the Quality Assurance Manager. Mr. Garner supervised a team of six quality analysts in the implementation of a Quality Assurance program for the development of a Statewide California Child Support Automation System (CCSAS).  
  • Led stakeholder strategic workshop with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and software/systems engineering group. Conducted feasibility studies of system architecture of business use case requirements, software change management processes, developed a feasibility study reports (FSR), implemented a risk management system, and reviewed project management plans, system configuration management plans, and developed a cost comparison and financial study report, which included all fifty-eight counties for the development of Solicitation for Conceptual Proposal (SCP). 

Led the FTB administrative, technical and support staff Lean Analysis tools and techniques, such as:

  • Performed structured walkthroughs of their enterprise architecture, made suggestions on improving the existing architecture by providing a modeled approach to architecture.
  • Performed Software Quality Assurance reviews and audited procedures, peer reviews and structured walkthroughs of products / processes.
  • Developed and managed the SEI-CMM Software Acquisition Process Group (SAPG) through various stages of Request for Proposal development.
  • Jointly performed Software / System audits, reviews and walkthroughs on several products, processes and techniques
  • Led the Software Engineering Group in JAD/RAD sessions, Requirements Design Analysis and collection.
  • Interfaced with other state agencies during meetings, i.e.; Internal Process Reviews (IPR’s), Director Board Meeting and status reporting, Franchise Tax Board (FTB), Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and Department of General Services (DGS).

Cap Gemini, Ernst and Young Consulting Services:   June 2000 – January 2001, Senior IT Project Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: Assigned as the Project Manager responsible for the integration of several Software / Systems development projects. Led several team in the development of an EA maturity assessment model and metrics program.

  • Assigned to Sprint’s Western Billing Services WBS as Project Manager for the Project Development and Operations Group.  Mr. Garner’s primary duties included supervising a staff of eight analyst and technical developer assigned to support the applications development for billing within a UNIX / Sybase client environment for direct phone and cellular billing. 
  • Managed a develop team in a full systems / software lifecycle development activity, which developed software application projects; enhanced account-billing service, customer service management, developed system requirements management and software/hardware acquisitions, for wireless customers.
  • Technical Lead for concurrent Voice/Data communications Services, paging and Channel SMS feature; led an implementation team of five engineers’ in support of products, instituted network up-grades, initiated software/system integration testing procedures; and created customer reference documentation.

Ciber Technical Consulting Services:   April 1999 – June 2000, Senior Software / Systems Technical Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: Assigned as an IT Technical Lead on software development projects and provide a systematic approach to Project Management and Software Development Practices.

  • Assigned to as an IT System Architect.  Mr. Garner’s primary function was to analyze the development and system process architecture within a web development (Java, Pearl, and HTML) ASP.Net IDE environment built on a UNIX/Windows NT operating platform providing interactive web access.  
  • Also spread headed the developed activity of a Project Management Office (PMO), Configuration / Change Management function, developed a Quality Assurance / Integration Testing function, and Software Engineering Application Methodologies hierarchy using EA Frameworks (TOGAF), and enhanced the use of Object Oriented methodology and tools, such as: Extreme Programing, Rational Unified Process (RUP), develop processes built around Visual Studio, Mercury Test Tools and configuration in PVCS.
  • Assigned to AT&T’s National Data Center Operations (NDCO) organization as a Senior Systems Architect and System Asset/Configuration Manager.  Mr. Garner’s primary duties included the refinement of the asset and configuration management functions within an enterprise wide call center for all the cellular billing within a UNIX/Oracle/AS400 multiple server environment.
  • Mr. Garner was also assigned to develop an asset/configuration/change management system utilizing JD Edwards Asset Management tool suite.  Developed access 2000 PL/SQL database which was used as their change/configuration management system.

Bridge way Corporation:  November 1998 - February 1999, Senior Management Consultant

Duties/Responsibilities: Assigned as a Senior Management Consultant with Bridgeway Corporation, Mr. Garner developed and implemented program management disciplines and provided technical expertise on several applications in the Gateway MLM/CNM/UNIX/Sun Solaris System.

He developed and implemented technical process methodology using the Software/Systems SEI/CMM framework for process improvement, which upgraded workflow management.

  • Conducted an internal assessment using the SEI CBA/IPI framework as methodology for identifying process improvement strategies and evaluating the current culture. In addition to the organizational process improvement development activities, he organized software/system testing processes, Web application development practices, network operating processes and testing practices.
  • Mr. Garner also led a team of developers and software engineers in analyzing the technical aspects of Web/Java/CNM browser/TCP/IP/Ascend Frame Relay Switch architecture built on a UNIX platform.  Conducted analysis of class objects, built testing plans and procedures, audited and reviewed system performance and developed integration plans.  

BEST Consulting - Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG-IT):  September 1997 - August 1998, Senior Software / System Process Management Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: Mr. Garner worked with the Boeing Commercial Airplane Division Group (BCAG) and Boeing Aerospace Group (BASG) as a Senior Strategic Management Consultant with the Boeing Software / System Integration Group (BSSIG). 

His primary role was to lead the efforts of other Software Engineering Process Groups (SEPG) and support the Management Steering Groups (MSG) in the achievement of a SEI / CMM level 2 & 3 maturity rating for four separate Boeing Software Process Groups (space applications, airplane division and logistics centers). 

  • Mr. Garner also served on the Boeing BCAG SEI-CMM SEPG/MSG as a lead trainer. He developed structured training sessions in; Software Quality Assurance methods and practices, Configuration / Change Management, Project Management process, software/systems engineering development processes, Project Planning, Requirements Management and Software Engineering Processes. 
  • In this role, his function was to train these separate functional organizations towards building their Process Assets Library (PAL), Software Process Development Practices towards a successful SEI-CMM Maturity Level III assessment.  He also provided individual team training of the SEI-CMM Key Process Areas (KPA’s), Team Software Process (TSP), System Engineering Practices, Total Quality Management Practices and others.
  • Additionally, he trained the stakeholders and support staff in the integration effort for a single-wide enterprise architecture modeling effort of all four system / application groups. Using the DODEAF framework, Mr. Garner constructed conceptual models of the enterprise architecture at the application and physical layers and presented them to the stakeholders for further abstraction.  
  • Conducted consultation during SEI/CMM software assessments, appraisals, project review, project status meetings and training sessions.
  • Had a strategic role in developing Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Development Strategies to corporate executives, SPEG Team Members and conducted several seminars.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC):  March 1995 - September 1997, Project Quality Assurance Engineer/Analyst.

Duties/Responsibilities: As a senior member of the program staff with SAIC, Mr. Garner developed and implemented software / system quality plans, conducted reviews and audits of key software components, develop test plans, test scripts, and functional software procedures that were used to maintain a measure of performance for product/process quality.  Conducted Hw-SW Integration Testing, Functional Validation Testing and Field / Qualification Flight Test Support.

His secondary role was project oversight of Quality Assurance functions on the following project: 

  • Assigned to the F-17 Stealth Fighter Program weapons systems software upgrades.  Assigned as the senior quality engineer, Mr. Garner provided software quality analysis oversight for the F-17 weapons software system upgrades.  Working with a focus team, provided quality analysis into the Initial performance of flight control system, weapons delivery programs, navigation systems and cockpit weapons and flight control programs and modifications to up-grades.
  • Assigned to the F-111B Bomber Flight simulation program, as a Quality Engineer in the development of software / system technical plans, quality plans, audit plans, which support effort for the development and up-grades of software / systems for the F-111B simulation.  Provided functional requirements analysis and software architecture design of imbedded software data structures (Motorola VME M68040 and Intel 80486/386, 8080, and 8085), provided support in the requirements gathering, analysis and reporting.
  • Mr. Garner was also assigned as the Project Quality Manager for three other software/hardware-related contracts.  One of these was the AFTAC Nuclear Debris Collection & Analysis Software Design and Development Support.  This project required an extensive evaluation for the Rehost of the Nuclear Measurement System called MEDUSA developed in Oracle PL/SQL RDBMS. These Standards and practices had to be up-graded to the current Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTEC) by implementing new practices by; improving Oracle data-base account records, updating developmental standards and specific database class objects.  
  • Another development effort was with the California State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigned as a Technical Process Lead providing standards oversight services for the development of a software process life cycle model using IEEE standards methodologies. Developed structural models in the formulation of enterprise standards modeling effort. Provided guidance in application modeling and developing class models of the logical and physical layers. 
  • Assigned as a Senior Quality Engineer, on the Air Force Advanced Logistics Decision Support System (ALDSS) Logistics System, Mr. Garner supported the software development team by providing QA support during audits and review of products and processes.  Assisting teams in requirements review, architecture development of a multi-tiered S/36/COBOL, 4381 VM/CMS/COBOL/FOCUS/SQL/VSAM, and MSDOS/COBOL/Novel LAN system.

In addition to the above duties, Mr. Garner was also was responsible for:

  • Responsible for the overall project management several other software-related projects.
  • Served on SAIC Y2K Project Management committee.
  • Conducted Quality Assurance Reviews and Audits of SAIC’s software development and maintenance processes in accordance with organizational standards and procedures.
  • Developed and implemented procedures and plans in accordance with SEI-CMM Level III maturity level and assisted in the development of SAIC’s Common Approach to Software Development and Maintenance (CASDM).
  • Improved work flow design and management by implementing continuous assessment and improvements.
  • Responsible for moving the organization to; Process Improvement Strategies using SEI – Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and CM-Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA-IPI).

Hybrid Products, Inc.  March 1994 - March 1995, Director of Quality Assurance Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: As a technical consultant for Hybrid Product, Inc., Mr. Garner was the prime developer of the organization’s quality system and procedures. 

  • He implemented the quality policy using ISO 9001 and IEEE as a guideline and was the major contributor for their accreditation to the ISO 9001 Quality System.  As a senior member of the staff, Mr. Garner provided managerial/technical assistance in developing new manufacturing methods and operations expertise in this precision CNC machining environment that makes advanced hydraulic components of the Navy and Marines.

Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station September 1987 - September 1993, Senior Systems Quality Engineer Consultant.

Duties/Responsibilities: As a senior Quality/Process Manager with the Rancho Seco Nuclear Generation Station,

  • Mr. Garner managed a team of nuclear technical associates, which developed and designed test procedures/plans for testing electrical and hydraulic systems to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  This development effort was initiated by thoroughly analyzing the existing systems and formulated proposed changes, which functional tested them under working conditions.  Strong background and understanding in the IEEE, ISO, NQA-1, and ANSI Standards.


  • Developed test plans and monitored testing in accordance with ANSI/IEEE Standard 829-1993.
  • Conducted analysis in the redesign of electric pipe Heat Tracing Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations IEEE Std - 622A-1987.
  • Assigned as closure engineer on all upgrade systems.
  • Conducted reviews and audits of the station readiness in accordance with ANSI/IEEE Standard 1028-1988.

Aerojet Strategic Propulsion Company: May 1984 - September 1987, Senior Quality Engineer Technical Consultant

Duties/Responsibilities: As a Senior Quality Engineer with the Aerojet Tactical and Strategic Company, Mr. Garner was assigned project/QA engineer for several tactical and strategic weapon projects.

  • His primary role was to develop sound Quality Assurance project oversight during case windings operations of the second-stage of the Peace-Keeper Missile, provide QA oversight on the Thrust-Vector Actuator, led the MRB activities, provide customer support on buy-off activities.
  • He also developed programs in a Windows application (DOS) for the tracking of statistical information related to Defect Error Rates (DER) and Reliability comparison of the Thrust Vector Actuator (TVA), Case Winding Operation and Nuclear Hardness.  

Nippon Electronics Corp:   January 1980 - May 1984, Quality Assurance Manager

Duties/Responsibilities: As the Quality Manager with the Nippon Electronics Corporation, Mr. Garner designed, developed and implemented quality plans and procedures in an effort to meet product quality standards.  He also designed white room procedures utilizing the ANSI/IEEE 730.1-1989 and ANSI/IEEE 1008-1987 standards for quality plans and testing.  Performed Software / Hardware Firmware Embedded Systems Testing, using Simulation & Embedded Real-Time Multi-Processor with Multi-tasking Electro-Optical and RF applications based on implementations standards.

  • He also developed a working methodology for imbedded software testing on CPU’s, disk drives and peripherals using ANSI/IEEE 649-1985 Standard for Microprocessor.  He also spearheaded the conceptual modeling of component test activities, and defect tracking methods that accurately tracked defects of electronic components in a window based application, which significantly reduced costs associated with rework.

Parsons of California & Hugh’s Aircraft   September 1977 - January 1980, Senior Quality Engineer

Duties/Responsibilities: As a Senior Quality Assurance Process Engineer with Parsons of California (Hughes Aircraft subsidiary), Mr. Garner performed Quality Assurance program oversight in the manufacturing of aircraft  flight control systems, wing-skin manufacturing, and satellite design and development. 

  • One of these systems was the DISCS III early warning satellite made of lightweight composites and completely manufactured in clean room environment. It used state-of-the-art positioning technology and was built on six-axis coordinate measuring device that restricted only incremental tolerance of component parts.   
  • Mr. Garner also developed product/process design requirements, built statistical models for quality engineering and production manufacturing activities.  Assisted the production team in metrology inspection and testing of assemblies using laser guided measurement tools and strain-gauge technology and coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  
  • Led a team in the development of quality plans, created new techniques in metrology studies and measurement. Developed process manuals for the F-15 and FA-18 attack fighter.  Implemented process improvement strategies of mechanical/chemical processes, developed test plans and metrology studies. Conducted root cause analysis and developed statistical process models.



Methods:          SDLC - Systems Development Life Cycle Process (CMMi, Agile, Object Oriented, Rational Unified Process, Spiral, Waterfall), CRM - Customer Relationship Management, ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, CMMI-IPPD – Capability Maturity Model Integration-Integrated Product and Process Development, RAD - Rapid Application Development (Prototyping, Joint Application Development (JAD) trainer, Case Wise and Paga Systems),

Hardware:        PC (Intel based), IBM ES9000, IBM 4300, IBM AS/400


Systems:          Windows XP/2000/NT, Windows 98/95, VM/CMS, S/370, SAP/SysPro/InFinity QS, .Net Framework.  

Languages:       APL, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, ASP, SQL, PL/1, COBOL, Assembler.  Supervised development in VB, C, ABAP, and RPG.

Software:         MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS Project:2010), Mind Manager, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Visio, Smart Draw, SAP, PeopleSoft, IEF – Information Engineering Facility, ABT Workbench, Flow Charter, IBM Info Center/1, SQL/DS, VSAM, ISAM.


No current security clearance. Previously held: Secret and Confidential


ANSI                American National Standards Institute

APQP               Advanced Product Quality Planning

ASG                 Aerospace Group

ASME              American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ALDSS             Advanced Logistics Decision Support System

CAO                Carlsbad Area Office

CBA/IPI           CMM Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement

CMM               Capability Maturity Model

CTAC              CAO Technical Assistance Contractor 

COTS               Commercial off The Shelf

DOE                 Department of Energy

EAF                 Enterprise Architecture Framework

RUP                 Rational Unified Process

SAIC                Science Application International Corporation

SEPG               Software Engineering Process Group


Upon Request

  • ID#: 82082
  • Location: Sacramento, CA , 95828

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